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A wireless Internet card is a small, rectangular apparatus that is used to connect with signals from large Internet sites or communities. People all over the world connect to the Internet at WiFi hot spots with wireless Internet cards. Using radio frequencies to pick up signals from these larger Internet sites, laptop users can connect almost anywhere they go. There are around 134 countries withWiFi hot spots. Wireless Internet cards are definitely making it seem as if the world is smaller since it is so convenient and easy to connect with websites from all around the world.

These wireless Internet cards were first used in homes to allow more than one person at a time to use an Internet connection. Now, they are used for more than this purpose because they allow anyone with a wireless Internet card to get on to the Internet almost anywhere.

Wireless Internet CardWireless Internet cards are also known as LAN cards or Local Area Network cards. They enable computers to perform better and to do more than they could before. For instance, wireless Internet cards allow Internet access at broadband speed. They are sold at very reasonable prices, and the user does not need WiFi to connect with one of these cards. On the otherhand, if a computer is compatible with WiFi, it is still beneficial to have a wireless Internet card since you can get online at even faster speeds with this card. With WiFi, the user must be in the range of a WiFi hot spot to connect with the Internet, but with a wireless Internet card, it is possible to connect from almost anywhere.

Wireless Internet cards are very helpful to small businesses as well as for larger ones. They allow workers to take their work from the office to wherever they go, whether home, in a hotel, or waiting at the airport. In fact, these cards are almost like taking the office along with you since they allow workers to access the same applications and data bases they would if they were sitting at their desks. Worker productivity is increased with wireless Internet cards, and time loss is greatly reduced.

Wireless Internet cards can be purchased at most cellular companies, and they offer prepaid cards as well as monthly rates. A monthly plan with 5 GB of space can hold data equal to 50,000 emails with 5-page documents attached to each, which is more than most people will ever need. It is recommended that users download large files, such as movies or music, from their computer while they are at home or at the office where the wireless internet card is not needed to preserve space. A monthly plan with 5 GB of space costs approximately $60 per month.

There is also a new wireless Internet card available called MiFi. Some cellular carriers have these cards that allow users to connect to the Internet along with up to five other computers at the same time. These devices would be useful in small businesses where everyone in the office could use the same Internet connection through a MiFi.

Some wireless Internet cards connect to laptops with a USB, while others require a PCMCIA slot or Express slot. All laptops have USB ports, but not all have PCMCIA or Express slots, so it is best to check with the computer manufacturer to find out which device is best for a particular computer. Wireless Internet cards can be moved from computer to computer, but they can only be used by one computer at a time.

It is not necessary to have a monthly wireless Internet plan with the same company who provides cellular service, although it is convenient to have one monthly bill to pay for both services.


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