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If you’ve never heard of a Buttset, you’re probably not alone. Also known as “a Buttinski,” the Buttset is a telephone lineman’s handset (it’s in one piece) that is used by telephone technicians to both test and install local loop telephone lines.

Generally, Buttset Telecom Tool includes an earpiece … a mouthpiece … a dialing interface … and a set of “test leads” that the telephone technician can use to “hook up” and connect to the telephone circuit that needs to be tested.

Interestingly, the Buttset Telecom Tool has been in use for many, many decades. In the beginning it actually had a rotary dial that the technician could use to see if an outgoing call could be made. Current Buttset Telecom Tools have been updated, of course, and no longer have a rotary dial. Instead, most have a standard 12-button keypad.

Some Buttsets being used by telephone technicians also include “extras” – features such as a speakerphone … a redial capability … a mute button … and tone/pulse dialing – many of the same features you would expect to find on any good-quality landline or portable telephone.

Buttsets are ruggedly-constructed, usually in heavy duty plastic that is capable of standing up to rough use and hard falls. Each unit also includes wires and clips that enable the lineman or technician to “hook on” to the telephone being tested.

Buttset Telecom ToolOnce the hook-up is complete, the technician can conduct a number of tests to see if the phone being tested is working properly. He will be able to determine if the line is alive or dead … that’s the most important test he will conduct … whether or not the phone works.

The Telephone technician will also be able to isolate any other troubles that may exist in the phone line and, once the problem has been recognized and isolated, it will be much less difficult to repair or fix the problem.

Clearly, Buttsets or “Buttinskis” or the “lineman’s handset (as it is also known) have practical and useful applications. They can help a telephone technician locate and isolate any problem you may be having with your personal telephone … and then they can fix it.

Importantly, Buttsets are also available to consumers like you. They’re available online or you can buy them in retail outlets that carry communications products and accessories. Does it make sense for you to buy and own a Buttset? Of course, if you have even a modest understanding of technology and how to use it, a Buttset can prove extremely useful.

You’ll be able to locate a telephone problem immediately – on your own – without waiting a day or two or more for a telephone technician or serviceman to come to your home.

We all need telephones that work. They are our links to everything outside our homes. But telephones, like most other machines, occasionally break down. Prepare yourself for the possibility of that happening to you … go out and purchase a Buttset today. Or … buy it online.


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