Wireless Internet Cards For Laptops

Wireless Internet cards for laptops are a great technological advancement that allows computer users to access the Internet almost anywhere in the world. These cards are needed to connect with hot spots and WiFi in public places, such as coffee shops, airports, and hotels. Even if a laptop is sold with built-in WiFi, a wireless Internet card will provide faster connections for the user.

Laptops require an adaptor in order to have the capability to use wireless Internet cards to connect to hot spots around the world. There are many to choose from such as the Proxim Orinoco. This wireless laptop adapter card is sold with a three-year warranty and will keep the user connected in most spots around the world. It has a distance of 200 feet in wireless mode, and it is very convenient when traveling in order to stay in touch with others through the Internet.

Wireless Internet Card LaptopsAnother adaptor that will enable the laptop owner to use a wireless Internet card for laptops is the Linksys WPC54G Wireless-G Notebook Adaptor. It works with both G and B networks, and its setup wizard makes installation very easy. In addition, it works with all versions of Windows, and best of all, it costs only about $15.

When purchasing a wireless Internet card for your laptop, it is necessary to first find out if your laptop has a slot for a PCMCIA or Express Slot. Some wireless Internet cards are sold with USB connections, and all laptops have a USB port, which makes this an easy connection.

Wireless Internet cards for your laptop can be removed from one computer and put into another one, but they cannot both access the Internet from the same card at the same time. If it is necessary for more than one computer in your home or office to use a wireless Internet card for your laptop, you may want to buy a MiFi. This is a fairly newly developed accessory for laptops that is similar to a wireless Internet card, except that it can connect up to five computers, MP3 players, cameras, and other equipment at the same time. These are available from cellular companies around the world.

Wireless Internet cards are sold in prepaid versions if a laptop owner wants to buy service for a certain amount of time. These wireless Internet cards are the same as prepaid cellular phones that must be paid for before use. On the other hand, there are wireless Internet card plans from cellular providers that are much like monthly plans for cellular phones. The user signs a contract for a certain period of time, and then pays the bill for usage at the end of the month.

It may seem confusing when you are confronted with making a decision of which wireless Internet card to buy or which company to sign a contract with for service for your connection to the Internet, but most cellular companies have cards that will work efficiently. If a cellular company’s phone connections are clear, then their wireless Internet cards for your laptop should also provide consistent service when you are using it. Cellular companies are very happy to provide customers with maps of phone coverage which can also be used to determine how well a wireless Internet card for your laptop will work.

Wireless Internet cards for your laptop are very low in cost, and if staying connected to the Web is important to you, as it is for most people today, then you won’t mind spending a little bit of money to buy this convenient advancement in technology.


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