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Wireless Internet providers, commonly known as Wireless Internet Service Providers (WISPs) provide connections to their wireless Internet network systems to customers who purchase prepaid or monthly plans. No phone line or cable network is needed because wireless technology provides the Internet connection with their networks.

The first wireless Internet providers realized the potential market for Internet connections, and they took advantage of this situation in the best way they knew how. About 15 years ago, in Wyoming and in Johannesburg, South Africa, pioneers in wireless internet placed hot spots in high places and confirmed that nearby users could connect to their main Internet site.

Wireless Internet ProvidersWireless Internet providers have been offering their wireless services since 2005 when the United States Federal Communications Commission opened the 3650 MHz for wireless broadband. Since then, many companies offer wireless Internet service. Providers are often cellular phone companies who offer a DSL Internet service. Some of the most popular wireless Internet providers are companies who gained their popularity through cellular phone services are Verizon and AT & T.

Verizon offers many wireless Internet provider plans that will fit anyone’s budget and needs. There are many free offers for customers who sign up for plans. The lowest priced plan is $19.99 per month and features a free wireless router. For $29.99, a customer can get the same bargain of a free wireless router plus Wi-Fi. These two plans are available if a customer signs a service contract, and there are penalties for breaking the contract before the two years are over.

This company also specializes in Fast, Faster, and Fastest wireless Internet provider service. Verizon’s Fast program is $49.99 per month with a home phone. It provides 15 Mbps, and is made for fast online gaming and large files. Faster is $64.99 per month with 25 Mbps and is good if a customer downloads HD video files and other large files. Fastest is $139.95 per month and offers 50 Mbps. It is especially made for multiple users, such as families who use more than one computer at a time.

Another wireless Internet provider who is a top seller in the U.S. is AT & T. They offer a bundle for under $100 monthly that includes a home phone, Internet access, and the choice of wireless internet or cable television. AT & T has other wireless Internet deals as well, such as a 3G USB Connect Velocity that is free with no activation fee with a two year contract. The next step up is a 3G USB Connect Lightening, and after that, a 3G USB Connect Turbo. Both of these are free with no activation charge when signing a two-year contract. Although neither of these top corporations compare themselves with the other, both offer three-step wireless Internet provider options – Fast, Faster, and Fastest (Verizon) and Velocity, Lightening, and Turbo (AT & T).

Cricket is another company that is a wireless Internet provider who also has 3G Broadband with no contracts and no cables required. Although they are not as big or not as popular as the other two wireless Internet providers, they too have something to offer all customers. A Basic wireless Internet connection is $40 per month. It can download up to 1.4 Mbps with a usage level of 2.5 GB at best speed. It is good for email, web-browsing, and photo sharing. At $50 per month, the More wireless Internet connection has a download speed up to 1.4 Mbps and a usage level of 5GB at best speed. Cricket recommends this plan for those who plan on streaming video and music and for online gaming. Their top plan is Premium at $60 per month. This program is designed for all of the above uses plus family sharing, heavy usage, and heavy storage.


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