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Wireless Internet is a very fast-growing service that is revolutionizing Internet usage. Wireless Internet is becoming so fast that it is comparable to broadband Internet access in most cases. This form of Internet connection is currently a big trend as more and more people use it on their cell phones and laptops to stay connected to the Internet wherever they go.

The increased speed of wireless Internet enables users to download large files, such as movies or music, as quickly as they could by using their home computer with broadband connection. Both cellular companies and cable companies who offer wireless Internet are now offering this fast wireless Internet connection to their networks or cable systems. As cellular phones grow even more popular, cellular companies expand their networks to handle the vast amount of phone owners who use their services. This is good news for customers who want wireless Internet on their phones or laptops because wireless Internet also connects with the cellular networks to provide service. In other words, wherever there are cellular phones, the possibility for wireless Internet service exists.

Wireless InternetThe original use for wireless Internet – to enable computer owners to connect more than one computer in their home to the Internet – is still a big market today. Many families have more than one desktop computer plus one or more laptops that may need to be used at the same time. Wireless Internet makes this possible by simply inserting a wireless Internet USB device to the computer to have immediate access to the Internet with Broadband speed.

The newest use for wireless Internet is for laptops that are taken from place to place where the owner wants connection to the Internet. Almost all new laptops have built-in adapters for wireless Internet, and if a laptop doesn’t have one of these, an external adapter can be purchased for under $20. This adapter simply plugs into the USB port for easy Internet access. After purchasing a wireless Internet access plan from a local provider, it is possible for the laptop to locate a nearby hot spot area to make a connection.

A wireless Internet connection is very easy for almost anyone to install in a laptop or desktop computer. Many people go to the cellular phone company or other provider to have wireless Internet access activated on their i-Phones or PDAs with Web-access.

Wireless Internet connections on desktop or laptop computers usually have a password for security purposes so that others, such as neighbors or anyone who has a wireless Internet card, are not able to connect to the Internet using someone else’s Internet connection. When setting up the wireless Internet connection, the subscriber will be asked to list a password that will be requested each time a new computer tries to access the network.

Although wireless Internet subscribers may not think that it is necessary to use a password, they may regret leaving the connection open, mostly due to the fact that neighbors or others who use their Internet access may cause a slow-down in Internet speed because of overload. Another reason why passwords are important is because it is possible that a neighbor, or even a stranger, could access the data on your computer. Some of this information may be private. In addition, leaving the computers vulnerable also sets up the possibility of a virus being placed on the computer through illegal access.

Since wireless Internet connections depend on radio waves from many towers that are erected by providers, not every part of the world has wireless Internet connection at this time. Remote areas in the United States do not have broadband Internet access.


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